Air Quality Policy

The following is the Air Quality Policy set by the Clippers FC Board, the tools we use to evaluate AQI, and the guidelines we use to determine when practices will proceed or be canceled.

The Clippers FC Board and Director of Coaching will make all final decisions related to air quality and the safety of playing soccer outdoors. We will make our best effort to inform all families one and a half (1.5) hours before the start of practices and games to allow families time to change schedules. However, please note that in some cases, cancellation decisions may be made with less notice as air quality can change rapidly.

PRACTICE POLICY (Determined by Clippers FC)

If the average AQI for field locations reaches 101 or higher, practices will be canceled for the safety and well-being of our players and coaches.

Clippers FC currently uses the air quality monitoring website and will base decisions on the data provided. We use the US EPA PM2.5 AQI data layer with 10-min averaging period and US EPA conversion applied.

GAME POLICY (Determined by our governing body, NorCal)

NorCal Premier Soccer uses the following AQI guidelines to make decisions on the cancellation of games. Other scheduled games outside the jurisdiction of NorCal (tournaments, etc.) will follow their own guidance.  Please ask for clarification from the respective governing body.

  • 0-100: Games should be played (but can be rescheduled if both teams agree)
  • 101-150: Games can go on or be rescheduled (the decision should be made by home team/club
  • 151+: Games should be canceled and rescheduled

Parents are always encouraged to use their own best judgment first and foremost when deciding what is best for the health of their player(s).

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